BHRR's Rambo is now AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION! 🙂 YAY! He has healed nicely from his hot spots and is doing great!!!! 🙂

He is no longer that emotionally and mentally very confused and messed up boy! He is a HAM! AND he has the photo to prove that he can be silly and full of fun and playful!

This Dobie would make an excellent obedidence partner! When he gets overly excited, I put him into a sit, get him to focus at looking at me; and he settles right down.

He is a high maintenance dog; one meant for an active(YET not too active home for that would just overload him) home; no young children(less than 11),  a home that is going to keep him mentally plus physically stimulated. He would be great in a home that works from home, works pt, or even full time. He is that versatile! 🙂

He will give you his heart in loyalty and commitment once you earn his trust. HE is not to be manhandled and we do not advocate anything other than positive reinforcement. This boy had no idea how to be a dog when he first arrived. He was just so messed up….. 🙁

He is calmer, more relaxed, less tense as he understands what is expected of him with clear and open positive communicative commands associated with his name.

He is so eager to please and wants to love…..

AND any home must understand that he still LOVES to talk with his empty food bowl! 😉

BHRR's Rambo – June 29th, 2012