On February 17th, 2012; I posted something very similar on BHRR's Shiva's blog….I am now going to post the same on BHRR's Dana's. BHRR's Shiva was adopted on June 21st, BECAUSE BHRR did NOT give up on her and a home out there finally wanted her for HER and saw HER for who she really was! YAY!

May your right matched forever loving home find you and SEE you & not the 'black' dog; not the big dog, not the dog with the greying mask(masking gene), overlook your sense of mischief and humour and not ANY of the other idjit reasons people have to date passed you over and not applied to adopt you! WELL, we love you and we love your beautiful brown eyes and do not think you odd and 'creepy' having had a toe amputation, we love your gorgeous black fur, soft ears and we love how glossy and healthy your coat is and do not see anything 'common' about you! YOU are unique, special and we LOVE you!

BHRR's Dana; this STORY/VIDEO is also for you! Just as people did not give up on Rufo in this story (the dog nobody wanted – spent 6 years in a shelter with only 2 hours a day of outside time); we shall never turn our backs on you! 335 dogs have been adopted via BHRR and your turn shall come JUST as it has finally happened with BHRR's Shiva after 3.5 years.

In the meantime; you live the best life with us with us, people that adore you; kids and other dogs to romp with, 148 acres to enjoy 24/7, you are safe, not kennelled or caged, have play dates, treats and your training just keeps going to higher levels and we love you so much!

You see BHRR's Dana; people gave us so much 'abuse' over BHRR's Shiva and wanted her to be pts as she was not being adopted or felt that BHRR was and let me word this right 'nazi like' in our adoption processes and were turning perfectly 'good' homes down for her BUT what NONE of them have ever understood is that NO one wanted her for her and some people pitied or felt sorry for her(THOSE people never came to BHRR to see how she lives! 😉 ) and that is not the right reason to adopt and for others' we are not looking just for 'good' homes; we are looking for those right matched forever loving good homes and I can count on ONE hand over the years; the applications that came in for BHRR's Shiva. ONE hand.

Yet, it only takes one application, that right mached application to come in and BHRR's Dana; your forever loving home shall also come along…we have more than proven our commitment to our dogs; more than proven that we are patient and more than proven that we shall only take those right matched forever loving homes to continue that second to none adoption chain of success adoption numbers because we care about our animals and know them and know the homes that they should be going too.

Our priority shall always remain and be for the animals under our care and we shall gladly continue to take those few emails, calls, pm's a year of 'abuse' from those who do not understand, do not want to understand, do not care to understand and at the end of the day; it does not matter that they understand…for we just cannot educate everyone out there. My husband calls them 'armchair quarterbacks.' That is as great as term as any! 😉

You just keep on stealing those toilet paper rolls, the paper towel rolls, using the ice cube maker machine and keeping all on their toes here at BHRR; FOR you make me laugh daily AND you make me a better person, trainer, behavoural expert, owner and make me think and think and think more AND you so ROCK BHRR's Dana! 😀