Angela Johnson–Mount Vernon, Iowa

I feel so blessed to have found your rescue! Our family LOVES our dogs and we are always on the look out for beautiful kiddos who can grow up with our kids. Recently, we were able to bring Lucky George home from a breeder in Nebraska. She wanted to make sure that her little guy had a wonderful place to grow and live in. Lucky is a deaf dane with possible sight issues (pupils are misshapen) and just the LOVLIEST little guy.

Jill wasn’t trying to breed white danes at all. She didn’t know that her Merle female and Harlequin male both carried the gene to make deaf whites. We are very happy that she picked us to be Lucky’s family! He’ll be 4 months on Feb 1 and just enjoys lounging in bed, on the couch, and running with the kids. He has a similar gray spot on his back haunch like Linus:)

Our family is Maggie (9 1/2 year old black dane), Hoover (9 1/2 year old black lab/retriever mix, and Lucky George (3 1/2 month deaf dane) plus our cats Magic (12 years), Reggie (7 years), and Sterling (7 years). Then our humans (LOL) are myself, Jason, and kids Sidne(14), Rian(6), Harrisen(4), and Ari(2).

We will continue to check back often to see how Linus is doing and any additional deaf danes that make their way home to your wonderful rescue!