New slide of Shiva now posted #12. She is doing well! She sleeps most nights on a dog bed in our bedroom and her and Dana have become my ‘2 Black Beauties’ AND they are extremely close now! Most people find it hard to tell them apart except for their collars! LOL She is just bombing along with her obedience and as she matures, is settling into an extremely wonderful GD. I will try to get a new height and weight on her for I know that she is taller. She still likes to express herself in welcome when we get home or people arrive and she in her crate.  🙄 She just does not want to be left out of any possible fun and that is the only time that we find that she makes any kind of ‘barking’ noises. SO PROGRESS! It is like she is saying ‘HEY! I am over here! Don’t forget me! LOOK! LOOK! I am over here!’ LOL