I brought BHRR's Rambo to work with me on Monday June 11th instead of the Saturday. He was FABU supreme! NOT one peep as he hung out in the back and his new weight was 35.6 Kgs(77.88 pounds!). He was a wee bit off centre on the scale and I believe his weight is even closer to 80 pounds now. HE looks GREAT!

We had wanted to place him up for adoption once we obtained a new weight and if it was close to where I want to see him; yet; he is battling heat spots right now.

We did some skin scrapings and there were no mites present to indicate demodectic mange and we also discussed possible allergies. Yet, he seems to have developed some hot spots and wanted to lick at them and though, they had been healing – one on either side of his rump and one on his one inner thigh – the Vet believes he needed an extra boost to help him and so added some antibiotics – Cephalexin 500 mg – 1.5 tablets BID for 14 days.

Soooooooooooo, he shall not be placed up for adoption until he is at the end of his course of antibiotics AND if he has no other conditions that have develop that need treatment.

He also managed to crack two of his nails on his right front foot and the antibiotics will help with that too!

What a sweet young man! He was a bit worried with his exam; yet; I fed him treats; the Vet did their thing and I only had to restrain him for the skin scrapings and even then, he rested mostly on my knee and did not put up a fuss.

GOOD boy! 🙂

This is one great dog and he will just flouish in that right matched home meant JUST for him! 🙂 One that is not going to manhandle him; yet; treat him with respect and understanding patience in a firm, calm, guiding manner that will settle him and not create any anxiety or stress. He did not indicate one time that he may mouth and I am so PROUD of him! He wagged that wee stub of his tail NONSTOP today!

HE is soooooooooooo much more relaxed, less tense and just an affectionate boy! 🙂