Before I go to bed, I JUST have to post this exciting note about BHRR's Rose & BHRR's Petal!!!

While they would not take any treats from my hand, I put one "Journey Heart" biscuit in front of each of them and before I had even totally backed off; BHRR's Rose began to nibble hers and as I sat down on my computer chair again in the sunroom., BHRR's Petal began to nibble hers…………

That was a heart melting moment………..

These girls will be fine….in time….lots and lots of time and slow rehab and I am looking forward to every step of the way.

Baby steps…..and no scooping up and hugging and smothering them. They need normalcy and structure with routine, consistency plus rules that includes lots of love and patient kindness; yet; no feeling sorry for them, no trying to make up to them for their past; we want to get them to live in their present and look forward to their fantastic futures as I say. They would be ruined if we were to feel sorry and pity…I say that over and over again to those that want to somehow make it 'up to these dogs over their past'. As I say so often, they are a product of their past, live in their present and we look towards the future for them!

Very gentle touches are able to be given on the sides of their face and under their chins. No more than that at this time for they then shrink in fear and shyness. They need to be socialised and get used to people and touches and noises and outside and so much right now. Things many humans and dogs that have never gone through what they are going through; can take for granted.

I see their eyes, they want love, affection and to be accepted and I sooooooooooooo want to give them love and affection and I tell them all the time; that they are MORE than accepted.

I cannot wait for them to experience the almost 3 acre fenced in yard and the 148 acres of trails we have and just the sheer joy of what life can give them in pleasure and happiness. Toys, playing and so much joy to be had in their futures to experience!

Yet, first; baby steps…they need to feel like they can come out of the GIANT crate without fear and worry.

Drift just climbs on in there with them and snuggles….and at first, they just looked at him with confusion mixed with a little worry and now, they lay calmly with him. Their door remains open and they can come out when they want; yet; yesterday; they only wanted to come out twice. May, today; they want to come out more. Drift is really going to help them with confidence and deleloping self-assurance.

BHRR's Rose is eating more than BHRR's Petal. I have two bowls in there with them and will also take a closer look at their mouths and teeth when I can get in there plus when they are spayed.

I just do not want to be rushing them into being spayed etc. right now. They need more weight first and more time….just some time to settle in.

BUT, they ate a treatie each! YAY! YAY! YAY! 🙂