Some of BHRR's Emma's test results are back in:

1) HWT – Negative
2) Relaxin – Negative – so, at this time; it looks like her bladder and a false pregnancy are why she is looking the way she is
3) Urine – full of eastie beasites 🙁 and we are still awaiting the results of the culture – will take about 10 days to determine if the cephalexin is the right antibiotic to be using.

We are still waiting on full results from her Wellness bloodwork and fecal testing.

At this time, she is scheduled for her spay on May 29th, 2012 barring if something comes up with her bloodwork, if any repeat x-rays plus u/s reveals a pregnancy and if her urine and/or fecal results require a delay.

From there, she will need another vaccine booster(one was given to her by the Shelter) and her rabies and we will continue to monitor those hips and balance. As she receives better nturition and exercise; this will greatly assist her and I will also put her into some Canine Water Wellness Hydrotherapy sessions once she is up and running in health.

I want to re-visit with another exam her eye and perhaps; we can get a better exam on those hips and we might just x-ray those hips when she is under for her spay.

Donations to her growing Vet Bills can be made in the following ways.

Kanata Animal Hospital (613) 836-2848 and they will take Visa, M/C and AMEX over the phone. They will take Debit or Cash in person at 440 Hazeldean Road in Kanata, Ontario

You can also mail donations via a Bank Draft to:

Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services
C/O Gwendilin Boers
2425 Totem Ranch Road West
RR#1 Oxford Station, Ontario
K0G 1T0

OR email transfer to

OR via PayPal(please use the 'gift' option)

BHRR's Emma's ANGELS:      $1,225 donated to date & Bills $1,660.14
Verbruggen Family