Here is a photo and some observations from BHRR's Cobalt's temp foster mom when she had him during two weeks in March while I had to be out of the country!

BHRR’s Cobalt Observations:

  • Very well behaved for his age but does have a few puppy moments- mouthing the leash and/or a hand, jumping.  All are easily corrected.
  • Has not chewed or damaged anything at all while here either in or out of his crate.
  • Has been out of his crate a lot during the day, with periods of a couple of hours here and there in while I am out.
  • At night has been a mix of in and out of crate for first couple of days.
  • Favourite  place to sleep while out of his crate was on the Kuranda bed (often flat on his back with his front legs in the air)
  • Marked once in the house when he first came in other than that has been perfectly clean (very small mark, wouldn’t have even noticed but my dogs all sniffed and looked at me and told on him!!).
  • Plays very well with BHRR’s Harley (often instigated by the “old man”, he will miss BHRR’s Cobalt….).  They’ve had a few minor disagreements but it went both ways on who was being disagreeable and were quickly settled (they seem to have a mutual respect….).
  • BHRR’s Cobalt was very respectful with the girls but he and Fiona did have a good race down the hallway a couple of times.
  • Walks well on leash outside, very friendly and not stressed at all about meeting new people and dogs outside- we have met up with other dogs that are on the leash and also been surprised by a couple of loose male dogs on the trails .  Also, bumped into a loose male dog on the street who came over barking.  BHRR’s Cobalt was perfect with one “it’s OK” from me.
  • Been OK with kids on bikes.  Been OK as cars pass (a little interested in the movement but not too much) also fine at night with car headlights.  Not too prey driven, pricks ears and interested a bit in squirrels and cats but can be easily distracted.  Also passed two kids playing badminton in the street with no worry whatsoever.
  • Still worries in the House if there are sudden noises or different people in and out especially at night when it is dark.  Is better if the House is well lit- I kept the lights on down the hallway day-time also since the narrower hallway without lights on seemed to stress him.  We did not push him too much- exposure to people was immediate family members and a couple of new comers in the house.  His worrying is much greater around men (including late teen boys).  This was only in the house; outside he was friendly with everyone we met. 
  • All in all, he is a wonderful dog, very affectionate and loving and just needs tons of love and the right calm and passively ignroing reassurance to get him over his rough times.  He is well on his way…..but will still need some understanding.  When he does get worried and soft woofy around people he does seem a little scary especially to the unaccustomed who may misinterpret this as aggression rather than fear and worry.

BHRR's Cobalt – March 2012 at his temp foster home on a Kuranda Bed
*Photo courtesy of K. Starkie

UPDATE: May 10th, 2012: I can vouch that BHRR's Cobalt is good with older cats. He has not been tested with younger cats.