BHRR's Hamilton The Newf had his annual last night and after a few hours of grooming – have to love spring in the country! – we were set to go! 😀

He weighed in at a wee bit plump of 135.74 pounds(61.7 KGs) as we want to keep him a bit on the lean side with those bad hips of his. So, going to trim him down a bit. I know that he was well loved while we were away in March too. 😉

The Vet said that his hips are hanging in; especially as BHRR's Hamilton The Newf is over age 4 now. The Vet could not believe that he was still doing so well for we had been advised that we would be lucky if BHRR's Hamilton The Newf lived to 18 months. WAY to go BHRR's Hamilton The Newf! 🙂  Just as with Our Kona(who passed away at the end of March at almost the age of 13); he is going to be a medical miracle!!!!

The Vet really marvelled at his nice coat and made many lovely compliments. 🙂

He was a sweetheart the whole time he was there and his obedience made more than one person comment on how great his manners were.

AND the Vet plus staff remember this being the boy that once was so catatonic when he first arrived to BHRR and would lay on the floor doing his 'mop' routine. Could not be more proud of him!

ANOTHER THUMBS up Vet Visit! 😀

I am thinking of bringing him one of the days that we shall be at Pet Valu in April. Just have to now decide on the other three dogs to bring.