There is much to update on BHRR's Hailey.

From the moment I put her into my car when I picked her up in February; she was not 'right' and I do not mean notably physically; yet; very obviously emotionally.

When I arrived home, she was shaking and it was all that Sean & I could do to get her to go into our house. From there, she either cowered by the door to the pool/screened porch or hid in a crate.

She drooled and panted and paced if she was not cowering. She would not lay down and she was not receptive to touching.

I emailed her temp foster home to ask them if she had had a bad experience for this was not BHRR's Hailey. AT ALL. This home has temp fostered her before and she has always come back, pretty much the same dog that left. They could not recall anything happening other than a short ‘moment’ experience when they got together with someone else who had a female GD and BHRR's Hailey was a bit nervous in the beginning. They did mention that it was the night after this bit of a romp; that BHRR’s Hailey began limping. They were naturally concerned and I have been keeping them updated as I can on her progress.

So, without anything to go on; Sean & I had to rehab here from basics forward. It took almost two days/nights before she would even drink and eat a thing. She was terrified to come through the door to the house and had no interest in any interaction with humans or even her bff's of BHRR's Dana and BHRR's Shiva. 🙁

We have also noted no sign of any physical injury or significant limping either. I have had her checked out by the Vet and she was given a good physical – no major discomfort noted but dogs can be stoic – yet; mentally; she was a far cry from the dog that left to be temp fostered. Even the Vet had some serious concerns about her. The Vet and I did discuss that because she is not playing and having a lot of movement; that we may not be seeing something. I did also ask if she is also being quiet due to possible pain such as a cruciate or meniscus injury for many a dog can become less active and behaviour can change. The Vet concurred and as we have had so much experience with cruciate and meniscal injuries; those can be intermittent with the symptoms. The last thing we need is for another dog to have to undergo a $2,500 surgery. 🙁 So, we shall continue to observe and when she is ready to play or be more active; we will see about that limping. The Vet said to hold off on X-rays right now or seeing a specialist and re-visit as needed. So, we are observing and monitoring closely.

By the time, I had to leave the country on March 8th, she was at least eating and drinking yet; was still quiet and still had not played with any other dog and much preferred to lay in the bedroom. If anything she was 'cranky' to the other dogs. I asked for regular updates on her from several of those that were 'priming' at BHRR while I was gone and it was a relief to note that at least her condition had not digressed from where we managed to get her to before we left. We were advised that she was quiet and calm and seemed accepting.

So, fast forward to today, and BHRR's Hailey is still not back to where she once was; though is better emotionally and what happened to her is still a worry.

In the next couple of weeks; I shall take her off the BHRR premises and see how she fares traveling in a car and visiting other places.

I miss my very affectionate and outgoing and sassy BHRR's Hailey and may she 'come back to us soon'…..