FREEDOM DANE's BHRR's Cobalt HAS his first outside of BHRR playdate on February 28th, 2012!

We drove to Hudson, Quebec and met up with none other than BHRR's Harley(blue collar in the video/taller GD) and his adoptive family to spend some time at this small yet nicely fenced in area for about 40 minutes! We then drove back to her house and he played some more with BHRR's Harley and their other two dogs – Princess Fiona & Lilly!

IT was so worth the 2 hour drive one way! He rocked it at this park with BHRR's Harley, a JRT(named Jack that was adopted by his own family 3 days ago); a HuskyX, a lovely female Pittie(Nala) & a Golden!

I so wanted to drop in to the Global Pet Foods, I saw in the parking lot; yet; time was slipping away fast and I had to get home…BOO!

He travelled great in the car and we decided to walk the boyz first on the leash to integrate slowly and after the first few seconds of some 'worry' from BHRR's Cobalt; he was play bowing and just wanted to get it on! 🙂

ANY forever adoptive home is going to have to realise that if you are calm and quietly confident and reassure him in a non babying type manner plus positively correct him when he does get a bit puffed up as he is worried that he might get hurt; your home too; SHALL have these exact same experiences with him that we do!

His manners were amazing and so many commented on how well he was obedient and his distraction recall was BANG ON! WTG! BHRR's Cobalt!

He can still mouth at the leash and my hand when he gets excited and I just firmly correct him with a 'No, mouth Cobalt' and he settles down.

THIS boy is going to make a home not just a real treat of a dog; but the whole pie with ice cream on top! 😀

THANKS for the play date BHRR's Harley and his family!!!

AND FOR THOSE WANTING TO SEE HOW HIS PLAY DATE WAS: Here is a VIDEO (I took three) and I shall post this one for now!

I am digging this video thing! LOL