Today is BHRR's Atlas's second Canine Water Wellness Session and he was more comfortable heading to the car and though, his session is not until 11 AM; we are taking our time giving him more good experiences on the way! So far, he has helped drop the kids off at school( HUGE hit!) – I think Atlas was in awe of all this love being JUST for him!! I felt my heart feeling a wee bit tight over how he was full of wonder and almost surprise of all this kindness. Poor sweetie should have had all this loving from the day he was born!
Next, we headed over to McDonald's in K-Town and he was given his own hashbrown! He was not sure about taking it from them but took pieces from me and that relaxed him further.
Then, we headed to Timmie's – I mean what is a trip wwithout Timmie's!! They offered him his own BLT!!
We are now sitting enjoying this glorious sunshine and then shall make the drive to CWW.
Thanks to ALL who have stepped up to help me give BHRR's these moments of caring kindness and undertanding acceptance of his needs!!
9:50 AM and such a great day unfolding for him!
Will try to do another video plus take more photos of him today!
Have I mentioned yet today how my Heart just throbs with love for this boy!!!???!! 🙂