On Saturday January 28th, BHRR's Adele had a small playdate with a couple of Volunteers.

She was great coming out of the house, was a bit unsure going down the hill/stairs and when it came to going into the car, she was a bit worried. So, some minor assistance needed and then we were on our way! She travels great and enjoys looking our the windows.

As mentioned in at least one previous blog, she has an absolute fascination with windows, especially doors that are all windows. She has this 'need' to look out and see the outside and takes immense enjoyment plus pleasure in being able to do that. AND as I also posted, she dervives much pleasure and calmness in knowing that she has 'FREEDOM' to go outside and then come inside and then go outside and be able to come back inside. This is how her past confinement in 'hell' has has made her to be and for me, I am more than happy to oblige her 'need' to know freedom.

Here is a blurb from the Volunteers who took her for a couple of hours for a great experience for her and them! Any home is going to have to understand that all of this is NEW to her, foreign to her and she needs patience and understanding and acceptance. SHE will give you trust and loyalty in turn!

Hello Gwen!!

First and foremost – THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for letting us take Her Grace the Lady Adele on a play date today!! What a very special lady!

As you know, this was my first chance to spend some one on one time with Adele since I drove her from the Emergency Shelter to you late last year. All I can say is WOW!!
We had a smooth ride down the road from KAH to Petsmart Kanata and the folks there were most welcoming! Adele had the automatic doors figured out after only a slight startle and made her way up one aisle and down the other. She seemed to enjoy looking at the aquariums and the small animals the most. She walked right by the cats as if they weren't even there.
She had one puppy come tearing up body in full puppy wiggle, and she was most graceful in giving it a quick sniff on the nose but then continued on her tour. She accepted petting from a couple of store employees although to be honest was more interested in looking out the window.

Not wanting to overdue the stimulation in the store we went for a nice walk around all the shops in the area and I lost count of the "oh what a beautiful dog" comments that were sent her way.
She certainly loved being outside! We finished up with another round of the Petsmart. I had to chuckle at myself for being so careful to watch for signs that she had had enough because when the moment came she quite simply turned around and started walking for the door..and that was that!

What a very wonderful day!!

X & X