In the wee early AM hours of Friday January 6th, BHRR's Journey had a gas bloat incident. When I arrived home; from doing BHRR's Benjamin's adoption on the 5th; I noticed that Journey's belly seemed not the normal 'round' from after she eats.

Sean also mentioned that for the first time since her arrival to BHRR; she did not eat all of her food. That was the second red flag. She still is at the stage of eating almost 8 small meals a day and is cleaning her plate each time. She is not yet out of the worry of not getting enough food, being fed consistently and that no one else is going to try and take her food. This was not a good sign.

Mason calmly went and got the GasX and Zantac for me and Sean stayed with her while I went to get my lube/tubing from my medical crash kit.

The GasX and Zantac 75 went in and I took her TPR(vitals) including looking at her gums(normal pink) and all was fine. I then began to walk with her. Her behavour was fine and there were no other changes to her condition and if they had downgraded; we were heading in to emerg yet we also know that the stress of going; could also make her condition worsen and/or tort. What many do not realise is that dogs do and can die from Bloat. We wanted to go in if needed and prepared ourselves for just that  possibility.

I also called one of my closest friends who is a Vet. Upon reviewing her condition; it was recommended to tube to assist BHRR's Journey in getting the gas out and not to rely just on the GasX AND Zantac 75 plus walking as she is not 100% healthy. It was also recommended that I have an IV line with fluids ready to go in case.

While, it was a long night of monitoring and no small amount of worrying, Journey proved that she was going to beat this too.

We know that she was at high risk of this to happen and we continue to remain vigilant.