BHRR's Bloom went to the DMV on Tuesday January 3rd, 2012.

She was a really good traveler. She only tried to 'help' me drive a couple of times and also thought it was grand to 'alert' me to a pedestrian or two as we drove to the DMV! 😉 Such a social butterfly she is with humans!!

I am going to post photos of her leg from her surgery on December 2nd and then I am going to post 2 photos from her 4 week post-op visit.

She weighed 35.2 KGs( 77.44 pounds) and when she gets her muscle tone and mass back; she should weigh around 90 pounds at her age.

She had her cast removed, new x-rays taken and they were reviewed by one of the surgeons on staff that day(Dr. Gatineau is still away). From there, she was put into a splint and the move forward plan put into place that shall require that this splint remain on her leg until January 17th. Now, she has had some different ideas and we have already had to repalce the elastoplast on her toes. 😉

She has a follow-up with Dr. Gatineau on February 8th to take more x-rays, re-examine and from there determine what the next 'best' move forward plan shall be.

She is healing well and at this time, there does not seem to be any concern about her being made available for adoption at some point in the future.

We are limited in the amount of obedience that we are able to do at this time, due to her restrictions and those needs will be further addressed when she is ready.

We know that it would be lovely to see her in a home with a right matched personality fit dog; yet not mandatory as long as her new home has a good strong social network in place via family and friends with dogs that compliment her.

She is fine in a home that someone works pt, ft, semi-retired, retired, flex hours etc.

We do not want a home that will 'baby' her and enable any SA types of behavour. That is not in her best interest.

We also want a home that is going to remain aware of her leg and not to make her into a dog that she is not. She is not a running or jogging partner(we strongly believe Danes are not meant for this purpose as is).

We want a home that is going to keep her safe and this means a suitable sized crate or appropriate dog proofed room until she has proven trustworthy for the full house. She is NOT ready for total freedom and this is not good for her leg either and will not be that way for some time to come.

Too many people misunderstand the importance and benefit of crates and it is is not a punishment. It is a great and safe corrective plus traiing tool/aid plus if ever you dog has to go to the Vet to stay for any length of time; be it a few hours or days; then the dog is not stressing out or stressing other dogs out that are also at the Vets. Additionally, if you dog is sick or injured and needs to be on enforced rest at home.

BHRR will not consider a home that is not like-minded to ourselves on this topic. BHRR's Bloom has had so many people reach out to support her in their belief of how deserving she is; and we are not going to put her in a home that is not going to ensure her continued safety plu;s future welbeing.

She is 100% housebroken and will let you know if she has to go out at a time other than when you are taking her out.

She has been dubbed a piece of 'dynamite' by several and I guess that is as good as expression as any to describe her fireball personality wrapped up into a wee package!  LOL

AND THANK you again extended to Karen, her lovely daugther and my own 8 year old daughter for assisting that day! 🙂 With BHRR's Bloom's lower level of gravity plus her sheer joy/excitement to visit folks; her pulling is whoa right now; and that I am still under a 'weight' restriction(now 15 pounds); the extra loving hands were so appreciated! 🙂

December 2nd, 2011

January 3rd, 2012 – 4 weeks post-op