THE best news received today!: FREEDOM DANE's Adele's Histo came back and the masses in her mouth were due to severe gingivitis and not cancer! AND the growth on her belly was also benign! OMG! YES! YES! YES!

This shall be her very first XMAS ever, one of FREEDOM and not just one of the hope of freedom or a better life for that is the commitment all involved with her seizure have made to her. THAT she shall never ever ever ever live a life like she has had.

Until I received the news, I did not quite realise how much I was unconsciously really worrying about her and the results.

YET, we can head into XMAS knowing that she is HEALTHY as she can be at this time and that while she will benefit from some additional cleaning/work in her future; she is moving forwad on her journey to a spoiling, loving and happy future!!!!!


With how well BHRR's Adele is rehabbing; we are thinking that early January shall be the timeline for her to be placed up for adoption.

We would like to see her in a home that has at least one right matched personality fit canine buddy. A home that works part-time, full-time or has flex work days, works from home, semi-retired or retired are all options.

It has to be a home that understands that Adele was born into a puppymill; about 6 years ago(could be older or slightly younger but not likely to be much younger) and that her *mind* has left her in some ways. She is very sweet, accepting yet she is not 'all there' sometimes. it is not that she wanders, has chronic obsessive behavours, barks, howls, digs, scratches or anything like that but she does seem 'lost' in her own mind at times. 🙁

The only things that she is obsessed about is standing on top of that one door frame to rest and also to see into the sunroom to the outside doors and the other thing that she is absolutely obsessed over is laying at the front doors in the sunroom to look outside(the whole front of our house is windows; built for passive solar heating and the front door is all window panes.)

She also likes and needs to know that she can go outside and come in often. She is becoming very attached to her freedom.

The only time we use a crate for her is to feed her now and she is eating better and better but is still a slower eater than many here and per the Vet will require more dental work in her future; something that her future adoptive home must be aware and committed in dedicating these financial means to Adele's continued welbeing.

If it is found that she requires more dental work here before she is adopted as we wait for her forever loving home to come aong; we will be ensuring that all her needs are covered.

She will sometimes lay in an open crate yet we do not crate her at any other time. She is is fully housebroken AND it did not take long to teach her; so smart girl! She is very quiet and we have often wondered if she even has the ability to bark.

Any future home must understand that that FREEDOM DANE Adele has not spent her life seeing parks and fire hydrants and buses and taxi cabs or the changing of the seasons with first hand exposure and that patience and kindness NEEDS to be given to her. You cannot just take her and expect her to just 'jump' into life as others may know it. We want a quiet home for her, not a busy lifestyle type of home that is hustling and bustling every where all the time.

If a home with children are considering to submit an application for her; we recommend at least 8+.

It is important for her to have a home that is not going to rush and push her and only a home that is going to continue to help her be the best dog she can be AND believe me, she is one very special and fantabulous dog already!!! 🙂

BHRR's Adele – December 13th & December 14th(just home from her spay)

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Maggie – For BHRR's Adele