UPDATE: Sent from BHRR's Shiva's FosterMom on December 15th, 2011:

Hi Gwen,
Thought I'd send an update on the lovely Shiva.
She has adapted very well and is now part of our daily routine.  Our daily walks are fun and she is adapting well to the various city sounds (i.e. car, bus, kids playing, etc..).
One thing about her that just cracks us up is our lovely Shiva the Diva snore like a trucker!!!  X finds this most entertaining and hilarious.  I think it's cute, lol!
We had a walk/playdate date last Saturday which went exceptionally well.  We were joined by a doberman (10 months), border collie (3 yrs old) and a gorgeous yorkie (5 yrs old) along with the owners, of course.  We spent a good part of the afternoon at Lac Leamy park here in Gatineau.  Shiva was soooo happy and interacted great with all the dogs.  She was just the bestest gal, as usual!
We are so enjoying our foster experience with Shiva.  Not a day goes by that this beautiful girl doesn't make us laugh.
Have a great evening Gwen!