BHRR's Adele(we have given her a name of grace and beauty with the impression of strength) is to be spayed later today. We shall also be doing bw including a hwt and I am hoping that everything comes back well for while she is putting on some weight, she is still painfully thin. I am looking at seeing what her kidney, liver etc. functions are as I do have a concern that she may have some underlying med condition. Not going to put the cart before the horse yet the amount we can now get her to eat yet there is no significant weight gain is a bit worrisome. We will be doing a dental, removing some growths from her mouth and doing biopsies if necessary. Nails and a micrcochip will also be done.

We had put her on Deramaxx shortly after her arrival to BHRR on November 20th as I could tell that her mouth deeply pained her and her mouth/teeth are in really bad condition, the poor thing. 🙁 She most likely would have starved to death at some point if she had remained at PRU. 🙁

We believe that she is around 6 years of age. She was given her rabies on September 16th and we have given her some Revolution and she was proactively dewormed again.

Like many of the FREEDOM DOGS from the PRU Seizure; she has a tendency to want to stand completely upright out of habit to be able to stay out of the filth she was forced to live in of fecal matter and urine for her whole life(she has a 'Paws R Us' tat in her ear so she was born into the hell she was rescued from).  Sean and I have never seen animals be able to stand so upright. This is not good for their joints or back. 🙁 We are trying to teach her not to go on her back legs to look through the one door and stand until the point of exhaustion and then lay her head on the side of the door frame to sleep. BHRR's Freedom and BHRR's Gretta will also do the same. 🙁

Despite all of this, she has come out of her shell so nicely and fast; considering how she spent her whole life in hell. 🙁 She is still quite shut down in many ways but is showing more curiousity. Part of her mind appears to be just 'lost' or 'gone' due to her having to live/survive in the conditions she has.

She has no clue about toys or treats or yummy smoked dino or knuckle bones. 🙁

If we find that she is healthy, she will be placed up for adoption in early January for her mental progress has been quite smooth in so many ways. She learnt her name within moments and while she has issues being comfortable asking for love; that will come for she is not as 'broken' in the same way as the other girls or BHRR's Freedom. As mentioned, she is shutdown in some ways due to her 'coping' skills of survival in that terrible place she was from, but is really doing well!

She does not like being crated, understandable and we continue to feed her in a crate so that it helps her. Once she is spayed and recovered, she will not be crated any longer other than for meals for we do not want her to worry that another is going to take her food.

Crating is a very important safety and housetraining tool. It also aids in the dogs comfort level should they ever have to visit the Vet Hospital as they understand crating/kenneling or when they come home for a surgery or are ill and need to be on crate rest.

She is fully integrated with all and in time, we hope that she will learn about treats that come separate from her food in her bowl and about toys and dino bones etc.

Keep her in your positive thoughts and send good vibes her way for tomorrow!

It is estimated that the Vet bills for the BHRR FREEDOM DOGS will be close to $5,000 and any assistance would be so appreciated.

BHRR 'FREEDOM DOGS' – Their Dream to Reality To A Better Future' Cause

IF anyone wishes to donate to the BHRR 'FREEDOM DOGS' – Their Dream To Reality To A Better Future' Cause, you can donate direct to Kanata Animal Hospital:

(613) 836-2848 under the 'Birch Haven Rescue' account and they will take Visa, M/C or AMEX over the phone.

OR via PayPal –

OR email transfer to

OR Cash in person at Kanata Animal Hospital 440 Hazeldean Road

Monies raised from our recent online auction will go to BHRR's Atlas, BHRR's Veteran, some in 'trust' for BHRR's Bloom and the rest to the BHRR 'FREEDOM DOGS' yet with several to vet, any additional sponsorship sent their way to assist; would be as always soooooo appreciated!


Maggie – For BHRR's Adele

BHRR's Adele – shortly after her arrival to BHRR & BHRR's Adele – December 13th, 2011

Going to the ES anywhere from once to three times a week over the past three months was to lend a helping hand to her and all the 600+ FREEDOM DOGS there.

I have been part of my share of busts and seizures over the years, yet nothing of this sheer magnitude and I am EXTREMELY touched to have been contacted to ask to come out to assist and I have met some of the most amazing like minded individuals EVER through what started out as a tragic experience and has ended as one of the most rewarding of ones!