I called for an update today on BHRR's Bloom on Saturday. The first person kept calling her a 'him' and was not even aware that she had also been spayed. This person also told me that there was a bandage over the spay incision. This person then said 'well, if things were not great, we would be calling you.' I asked very politely to talk to someone else familiar with her case as I want a true/real update on her.

I was then told by another person that she is eating great, taking her meds well and they are trying to ensure that she gets out. I asked about her spay incision and was given the information that it was healing well, no redness or swelling and that no, it was not covered by a bandage(that would be a new protocol for me). I was also told that things were looking good post-surgery for her Radius Curvus Syndrome.

I mentioned that I would be calling back again early next week.

I am going to feel the best when she is finally at BHRR. The original plan was for her to come immediately to BHRR post-surgery and this is the first time ever in my history of operating BHRR that a dog has not come home post surgery, be it a leg amputation, spay, neuter, cruciate or for radius curvus syndrome etc. I have to say that I am not very comfortable with some things and will see what my next update is like on her.