We are moving BHRR's Lincoln from our 'BHRR HAVEN DOG' program to back under our 'Available Canines' program for the last time I saw him at his temp foster home, he definitely was putting on weight and once his temp foster home is down to about 28 tabs of Pheno(getting 25 mg EOD still); we shall do a re-weigh and if his weight is up to where we would like to see it(he is eating up to 13 cups a food a day right now! WAHOO!); then he shall be placed as being available for adoption. 🙂

Update from his temp foster home on October 12th, 2011:
"He now runs up the steps and places his face on my stomach and looks up with the best look ever!!!!! And then when you rub his ears he groannnnssss. Lol."

BHRR's Lincoln – October 12th, 2011 – look at his lovey soft coat and nice ear and elbow!
*photo courtesy of T. Vaive

BHRR's Lincoln is eating 75% FROMM whitefish and salmon right now and 25% D/D Salmon. Too much of the D/D Duck was making his stomach wonky. Good to have some as a bit of variety yet duck cannot be part of his staple. We are going to try and get him to 100% FROMM WhiteFish and FROMM Salmon within the next while and after his next recheck that shall include a new weight; see if we can get him completely off the pred too. My gut tells me that we can do this just as I figured that we could get him on to a high quality kibble from an allergy food once his immune system was boosted.

His temp foster home and I are in complete agreement that this boy needs KIDS in his life! He loves his 'kids'. I have two and the temp foster home has two.

The temp foster home also was able to experience first hand during their own Thanksgiving festivities that when things are really busy, he becomes distracted and loses his focus to eat. So, any new home shall have to be aware of this. He has doubled his food intake from BHRR to his temp foster home and actually looks forward to eating his food and then some more! LOL If he is too interested in all that is going on around him, he loses the desire to eat for he is trying to play and do all the other great things he was deprived of in his past.

So, any future approved adoptive home is going to have to be aware:

1) that he needs a quiet place to eat and watch busy family times – Holidays, Special occasions such that BHRR's Lincoln does not suffer and they do not make an extra effort to get him to keep eating

2) that their home cannot be too busy – he is thriving in a home with two children and one other dog and some cats yet cannot be more busy that this!

3) that their home must have a right matched personality fit dog for him to play with, at least one; no more than two preferably

4) that the home works pt, works from home, sem-retired or has flexibility to work at home some days throughout the week or is gone from home no more than 8-8.5 hours per day.

5) that is going to honour the obedience clause in our adoption contract – bonding is not just about affetion building between O. and dog

6) that is going to understand that BHRR's Lincoln could have a flare up of seasonal allergies in his future

7) that BHRR's Lincoln CANNOT have any food other than FROMM Whitefish or FROMM Salmon or D/D Salmon EVER!

8 ) would be nice to see the home have at least one child for BHRR's Lincoln as he LOVES his kids – no less than 8 years of age should the home not have experience with Saints and over the age of 5, if the home has experience with Saints.

9) THAT he is an indoor dog ONLY and shall never ever ever ever again live the life he was being given in his past.

10) a home that shall brush him daily (he loves being brushed!) and wash his neck and lower jaw so that the drool(yes, he drools when he sees food, treats and after drinking) does not crust up and cause him sores

11) that he will be given many soft beds to lay upon – Cosco or Kuranda