BHRR's Rain came to the Take The Plunge Event on Saturday July 23rd to hang out at our tent/booth AND WOW! She ROCKED it! She was so social and in fact, she began to 'bark' and pull WHEN we would not allow her to see other dogs!!! LOL

Picture below is of her that day.

Her toe is very slowly healing and I will bring her back in for a recheck and new X-rays if need be. I would also like to see what her new weight is. 🙂

She is a small feisty package and she LOVES to tease BHRR's Lincoln, who in his emaciated state was still twice her own weight. She does not take a lot of 'guff' from the other dogs and has that mischievous glint in her eyes!!!

Below is a photo taken at the Take the Plunge Event. Her coat is soooooooooooooo amazing now!!! I can brush both of them so much more easily too. Treats is a great reward plus lots of enthusiastic praise.

We are planning another few visits with approved Volunteers and friends with both the BHRR Saint Babies and their final 'test' shall be our upcoming BHRR "EXPERIENCE" Mini Open House. If both handle that with style and comfort, they shall then be placed up for adoption. Going to miss my 'Rain-Rain" and "Beau-Beau" babies.

We have no expectations of them being adopted together yet both should go to a home where there is at least one other dog that is a right matched personality fit. Both are ok going to homes that work full-time, part-time, retired or semi-retired. What is going to be MOST important are homes that shall continue to socialize them with both people and dogs so that they continue along this fantabulous social path they have taken. They reside in perfect harmony with our multi-dog home and are doing so well with all the human visitors. SOOOOOOO much progress these two have made.

Both ADORE kids and I have not crated either one in some time at night or when we go out. There was one point when I went back to crating as one of them discovered the 'joy' of nibbling shoes and it was back to the crates for awhile!

Each of them has their own 'friend' network yet you can tell that they are extremely close still. It has been excellent for them to have had training together, separately as individual plus in small and larger groups. Their obedience has also been excelling!

BHRR's Rain – July 23rd, 2011 – 9 months of age