So, the last 24 hours have seen much with BHRR's Goliath! cheeky

a) He is learning his 'name'

b) He has had two more baths – he was really smelly when he arrived and the second time around saw me and him about 50/50 split on getting wet and then next time he was the one mostly wet and I was not!

c) He LOVES the tub and water…..he lives for water, water and more water to splash and play in and then when he is ready to then drink! He just loves to splash in water. Swimming we have not yet tested this in our spring fed pond or pool as of yet.

d) He loves the game of 'chase' – he grabs an item of clothing from the clean laundry that I put on the couch to fold and loves to try and 'avoid' me as I attempt to get the aricle back. He is learning my 'serious' side and is starting to not do circles around the table or the kitchen island/hutch so much now while I 'ask' him to give the item back.

e) He has been great around my 11 year old son and was somewhat excited to see my 8 year old daughter and in being taught how to greet and interact properly, he is now fine. We watch him closely as he does have a tendency to want to jump on people here and there. Work in progress.

f) BHRR's Dana has now taught him all about the ice maker on the fridge…<rolls eyes>. She is positively delighted with a new 'partner in crime' for her antics!!!

g) He is better at the no counter surfing and trying to climb into the fridge every time we open it.

h) He CANNOT have blankets or a dog bed in his crate. So we have put the only Medium Kuranda Bed that had been donated to BHRR's Potter in the crate and as it is a couple of years old, the vinyl has given out on the one end. 🙁 So, BHRR's Goliath could use an BHRR Buddy for a donation of another medicum sized Kuranda Bed JUST for him and his crate. He would be so filled with gratitude!

i) He has yet to feel comfortable enough to chomp on a Dino or Smoked Knuckle bone BUT he is taking certain treats and is eating better

j) He is settling down great at night in his crate to sleep wonderfully

h) He is no longer testing me to go into his crate and will go in on his own volition when I open up the door – YAY!

i) I turned around from putting the dishes in the dishwasher and he was sitting on the couch with a look like 'I like it here….what are you going to do about it!' Hmmmmm, he got off not long afterwards! 😉

j) I then came out from reading a bedtime story to my daughter and he was back sitting on the couch beside BHRR's Potter and his look was almost 'well, if he is on, I am on.' Both were removed shortly afterwards. 😀

k) If you use a spray bottle on BHRR's Goliath, you have to be short, effective and purposeful, otherwise he thinks it is a BIG game and will open up his mouth and try to catch the water! 😉

l) BHRR's Goliath is eating well and we are also de-worming him.

m) BHRR's Goliath is being very good about not playing in the house and learning how to actually play nicely and gently with the other dogs. He has been introduced to the 10 week old GD pup we have in the house right now and he has been doing great. Not too much 'splatting' going on.

n) He likes to try and play with BHRR's Windsor the most and seems to be most fascinated by my Multi CH. Bronson!

o) BHRR's Goliath has also decided that he likes to re-decorate the place, moving dog beds and blankets to other areas of the house, REGARDLESS if a dog is already laying upon them! LOL That freaked a few out and some really thought it was grand!

p) He now thinks that when I go into the masterbedroom that jumping on the bed and zooming around it and getting the blankets and sheets to fly everywhere is a fun activity! I make the bed, he unmakes the bed, I make the bed and he….well, the doos is now closed to the masterbedroom UNLESS we are in there! 😉

q) His leash manners are improving slowly. If he is not distracted 'hey, look at that leaf Gwennie!' or 'What was that over there? Let's go see' and drags me; he is really good. He will walk on a nice loose lead. This boy is packing so much into each day as we often find with some shelter dogs and the more he learns that he is not going to live in a crate and that he is rewarded very well for appropriate displays of behavour, he will settle down more and more. He is so good about not disturbing the house at night with zooming around and crashing into things like some have done in the past! LOL

r) He is learning boundaries with the other dogs and becoming very mindful and respectful and not 'pushing' the issue as much with them. GOOD boy!

This boy is SOOOOOOOOOO much fun and he and I sleep very well each night after our days' adventures together. 😉