So, it has been a busy time for BHRR in the last 24+ hours for I brought home both BHRR's Hailey and BHRR's Apollo from their temp foster homes. BHRR's Hailey on Saturday and BHRR's Apollo tonight.

BHRR's Hailey had gone to her temp foster home on Friday August 5th and due to circumstances having unexpectedly come up; I brought her back on Saturday. We continue to wish her temp foster family all the best and BHRR's Barbed Wire is not able to be brought in at this time as the spot that BHRR's Hailey had opened up by being temp fostered; was to go to BHRR's Barbed Wire.

BHRR's Apollo had gone to his temp foster home on Friday July 15th and he shall hopefully, return to this foster home in about two weeks time. 🙂

BHRR wants to stress that NEITHER one of these situations involved something a BHRR dog did. Life happens sometimes…..

JUST some exerpts from BHRR's Hailey's foster home:

"and at one point both her and our black boy Oliver were seen sitting at the back sliding door…watching the sun setting together."

"We had some wonderful walks together today…she's enjoying discovering her new neighbourhood."

"The two of us went for a fun run through the park together which she seemed to really enjoy….all in all…IT WAS A BLAST!!!  She's very sweet and honestly, a very respectful girl."

"Hailey has been such a doll and you have trained her so well.  Fostering has been a breeze!"

"I wish that we could have kept her for longer."