BHRR's Rain did so well at KAH last Tuesday -July 19th – for her spay. She did not do any barking and was so social and accepting. While she was under sedation, it was amazing how much hair was able to be taken of her and she had a nice manicure/pedicure!

Her weight was 30.5 KGs(67.10 pounds). She is gaining very slowly yet as with BHRR's Beau, the amount of hair that has come off her was quite heavy in poundage. She also tends to not eat as well as her brother.

She is my little dynamo of energy and loving affection.

The sad news is that yes, she does have a fracture of the P3 on her right front foot – one toe. X-Ray photo below. We tried to splint it with the expectation that it most likely would be futile and yup, by the time I took her home that night; as she stretched in the car; off came the splint…sigh…I tried to put it on again at home and that was an exercise in futility. She was very proud and content once she had it off.

She is on 50 mg of Deramaxx as needed and we are going to see if we can get this to heal – it is a relatively clean break, not like BHRR's Dana's smashed bone fragments in her own toe that we had to amputate. We are going to 'try' to remain hopeful that we can get her toe to heal, yet broken toes are brutal things……

As she is never going to be your 'average' female Saint Bernard size, that is in her favour to heal this toe. We have to work on keeping her quiet due to her spay and this toe. This little girl just wants to get up and go she is so bursting with the joy of life yet when it is bed time, she settles down beautifully.

In fact, both her and brother are now only crated to eat – no resourcing issues whatsoever and man, do they both love kids! They sleep out of their crates at night and if we have to go out; they are not crated either. IMPRESSIVE, fast learners these two are. They are both bombing along their path of rehab and I am very proud of them!

I even took BHRR's Rain to the Take The Plunge Event for the Sunday and she has gone from taking a long time with lots of treats to feel 'safe' with people; to now sometimes wanting to bark, lunge and wag that tail furiously *if* she does not get her way to greet other dogs and people. She was Miss Social Butterfly and now needs to learn that we see and greet dogs and people on 'our' terms not hers! LOL

This is one stunning wee Saint Baby Female! HOLY! Her body is in great propotion and I call her my 'pocket Saint'. Her face is so softly feminine and I have the best photo to post and shall do on another blog as the two photos I wish to post here are off her after her spay plus her toe bobo. The Vet that helped me splint her foot; put a lightening bolt patch on her splint as I had a bit of a scare being electrocuted on July 17th when the whole storm came in that evening and ended spending some time having my heart monitored. She also put an 'ouchie' patch on her splint. LOVE my Vets! It was nice having it so quiet so that I could be proactively active in her plus BHRR's Beau care that day and not having to multi split my time. 🙂

We are still looking for some more dates with approved Volunteers for both of them yet at the rate she is now going with her own rehab; I would say in another month; she is going to be able to be placed up for adoption.

We are not seeking to adopt her and her brother together yet both will do best in a home with at least one other right matched personality fit canine. Both are good with dogs of all sizes and cats and now that BHRR's Rain is here; she has learnt gentle and not playing so rough and her true inner beauty is coming out….if allowed, she can be a bit of a bossy bit of goods yet in the right leadership home with the right guidance between other dogs and humans; she is a genteel lady! Most of the time! She is going to need a 'job' – obedience, agility etc. for her mind is very sharp and she has such a soul that burns like a bright flame. 🙂 She just crams all she can into each day and appears to almost be always 'smiling' – yes, humanizing her! 😀

Each night, I can do more and more time grooming her and she is no longer so scared and has not done a submissive pee in quite some time. I do not push her boundaries but I test them plus slowly am increasing them and she loves those treats! I want to see another 10 pounds on her at this age yet this is one Saint B. that is never going to make it to 100 and NEVER should. I can only keep stressing enough to our adoptive homes and foster homes; DO not overfeed these Giants. You are only creating problems that we have worked so hard to prevent. It really distresses me to see them overweight and some even brought to the obese state and to see this happening really does 'gets' to Sean & I.

We are still working on her leash manners too…. 😉

BHRR's Rain – July 19th, 2011 – 8 months of age & X-Ray of right front foot – second toe on end P3 fracture