BHRR's Rain & BHRR's Beau are doing well. I am able to touch and do more and more with them each day.

BHRR's Beau has had just one accident in the house and both have settled into BHRR life beautifully. For those that have been asking, no, I shall not be bringing them to our upcoming 4th Annual Microchip/Nail Trim & BBQ Fundraiser on Sunday July 17th at Kanata Animal Hospital.

They still require a lot of rehab and I still have not been able to handle them enough to take those matts out or do those brutally long nails. That shall be done at their alters on Tuesday while under anaesthetic. I am now able to brush them more and they are very treat motivated. They still act like they have not eaten in ages when you feed them yet it is much better than it was. I am looking forward in seeing what their new weights are! AND still not one bit of resourcing EVER being done by either one!

Their coats are better than they were yet no where near where they should be but we shall get there! With their puppy coats shedding, being kept outside etc.; they have a lot to get rid off.

BHRR's Rain barely barks now. She is more calm and confident and in turn, that make BHRR's Beau not 'feed' off any of her high energy. She does not try to 'rule' BHRR's Beau and step up to take care of him as much and that shall continue to change as time goes on. She is visibly more relaxed and happy. That tail of hers goes a mile a minute and even BHRR's tail is wagging more and more and higher too! AND with tons of exercise daily here; both are no longer 'rangy'. Each night, they happily go to their crates and sleep really well! 😉

They are still close, very close yet each are making their own circle of friends and BOTH love BHRR's Holden.

AND for those that were also wondering, no, we never did receive that donation that we were informed we would be receiving last Thursday. As indicated, we were still going to assist them, regardless as that is what a r/q Rescue does and the monies will come out of our own pockets and from support sent their way by their fans! Both could use a BHRR Buddy; and both could use their own dog beds. Currently, I have piles of comfy blankets for them to sleep upon. I do not want to 'tempt' them with possible shredding as they exit their honeymoon period and become more comfortable and confident without worry of any negative repercussions. They have a lot to learn as of yet and they will get there….baby steps.

Their deworming protocol has brought out quite the explosive diarrhea as their bodies rid themselves of parasites. They are both on Sentinel as well right now.

As we are into the final countdown for our Fundraiser this Sunday; blogs and photos are going to have to wait. SORRY!

I also have two dates now lined up for the BHRR Saint Babies and myself to visit two different BHRR Volunteer Homes! YAY! First date is next Thursday and the next one is on Monday July 25th.

Still looking for more dates for us to visit some friends and Volunteers for an hour or so; hand out treats to them and socialize plus train them more. It would be too easy for us to just keep them here on our 148 acre property yet that is not in their best interest NOR what we do at BHRR. As we do with all of the animals, they, too; shall be giving proper training and social opportunities. We want them assets to their future adoptive homes AND to their communities. AND there is no reason given enough rehab that both of these Saints will not make excellent additions to home and community. The more time I spent with them and work with them; the more amazing they both get! Each has their own 'work' to be done and each has the same 'work' to be done in some areas.

AND to answer the question many have been asking; we do not think we shall be adopting them out together. This is for their best interest and for their future adoptive homes. We have had two successful adoptions of a pair of Great Danes to two separate homes at the same time YET that was a rare exception and those Danes complimented each other. Furthermore, in BHRR's Cletus's case; BHRR's Samari had to be adopted with him. They are great dogs together absolutely; yet; they will be great dogs in homes of their own with their own new families. We do know that we would prefer them to be adopted to homes that have at least one right personality fit canine for them too.

Both are great with dogs of all sizes and with cats.

If they continue to bloom the way they are right now; I am thinking of bringing both to our next GD & Honourary GD Walk/Hike on July 31st! Local Media L. Bradley of the Ottawa Dog Blog shall be in attendance to do a story on the largest group of its kind in the area plus how we promote responsible dog ownership awareness to the community during our fun walks/hikes. If interested in being added to our almost 125 member list; please email.