Meet BHRR's 'Barbie' AKA Barbed Wire – 3 year old female spayed Pyr(b. 2008); spayed and was surrendered to a shelter in KY, USA due to 'escapes fence'. She was surrendered HW positive and she had barbed wire wrapped around her rear right foot. It cut right to the bone yet miraculously, she has not lost the foot. It was recently checked by a Vet on Saturday and the Vet indicated that it has healed amazingly well.

She just finished her Heartworm treatments today and had a little bit of panting both days yet otherwsie, no side effects were noted. She had no microfilaria, so she was in the very early stages. She did not have any coughing either. She is being temp fostered by the same amazing woman in KY, USA until such time she is stronger and we have a spot at BHRR.

From her intake records:

BHRR's Barbie was microchipped on May 5th, 2011 and also given a 1 year Rabies on the same day. On May 1st, she was given a DAPP and on May 4th, Bordetella.  Her HWT was done on May 5th.

On May 6th, she was put on Cephalexin, Clindamycin and Rimadyl for her back right foot.

On May 28th, she was given her DAPP Booster.

I noted that she was on Doxycline for 10 days and have inquired if this was for Ehrlichiosis treatment. Normally, we treat for at least 28 days.

Until such time as we have space at BHRR via an adoption or another temp foster home; she shall have to stay in her temp foster home in KY, USA. If you are interested in temp fostering for BHRR; please visit our FOSTER/VOLUNTEER page.

RE: Her Temperament: This is what has been sent my way to date from her temp foster mom(the amazing woman who saved her life and BHRR's Holden and BHRR's Maggie May as well as BHRR's Moose:

"pyr girl who is also very special.  Her name is Barbie, and she came from Bowling Green KY.  She was there for over a month, and everyone loved her; but she was going to be PTS because no one would take her because she was HW+.  I got her out of there on Friday and brought her to my house.  I love her so much!  She is so sweet, and exceptionally beautiful.  She's got the heavy eyeliner thing going on.  She's just lovely."

BHRR's Barbed Wire – AKA 'Barbie' May 2011 – about 3 years old