Heading out soon to make the drive to get BHRR's Maggie May! Here is a note posted below from the wonderful angel who fostered her overnight for BHRR!

Hi all:

    Lovely Maggie has had a quiet and hopefully restful night. She was friendly and curious about my 2 older dogs and all the cats. My older rescue, Moses (who visually looks as his name suggests) seems to have a knack for sticking close, but not crowding, the overnighters; as if he is reassuring them that things are cool here and going to be OK down the road. Her amputation site looks perfect–the vet did a beautiful job there; it's just too bad it had to happen, but at least she's still alive. It's beyond me that she was brought in as a stray…but don't let the missing leg fool you: she's as strong as an ox and very fast if she's on a mission, so hang on tight. She's had a good appetite but doesn't seem prone to overeating, since she hasn't been moving around much. I would imagine she would need some pain meds still or maybe some Cosequin to help her feel more comfortable. She's sweet and gentle and friendly, doesn't seem to have any food issues (at least with moving her plate around when she's already eating) and will seek you out for some petting and interaction; just a charming and beautiful soul, esp.

given all she's been through. I applaud all the folks involved in her rescue and subsequent care. I read that the vets who were trying to reestablish her knee joint spent 1 1/2 hrs. just doing that part the first time, and then tried again a few days later! Bless all the vets and their teams who work so hard and so well for these animals. All the range of folks involved in these rescues have such an important part to play as they help them on their way to new lives. OOH-RAH! Way to go and keep on going…So, enjoy the present of this wonderful new dog and I know she's already enjoying the cooler weather. She says she wants a buzz-cut for her summer 'do when we get around to it, too, if it's not too much trouble. She'll be great for someone who's ready for her, Take care, D