Mr. Titan is at Eagleson Veterinary Clinic. I was able to get him in there to be seen today for his bloody urine.
I am waiting for an update, invoicing, etc., and please keep him in your thoughts.
It is really hard when a cherished dog is at the Hospital without you there…he & I went through so much together when he first came into rescue & he is adored….he was so sick upon intake in emerge back in early July – to the point that the difficult conversation re: if he went into cardiac arrest had to be had.
I slept on the floor beside him and was with him 24/7 in those early days….
The reality is that he went through so much on his own, needlessly and neglectfully, before he was rescued. I never want him ever being alone again…..
He has his foster mama with him today and hoping it is an easily treated UTI situation.