On our way!
Today, Mr. Titan is off to his foster home.
Not the best picture as it is a torrential downpour out there….we are expecting close to 60 mm’s of rain today! We are under a huge weather alert.
He has been with me just shy of 10 days(in his time, 3+ months), and my heart is full of such mixed feelings.
He has bonded strongly, and the healthier he has gotten, the more his amazing affectionate, loving personality has begun to shine through.
He is such a special boy and has gotten along fantastically with all the dogs here.
He has begun to wag his tail a lot, do the Dane lean, and how he looks at me humbles me deeply.
It is time for you to now go to your lovely foster home, and I know their Dane- BHRR alumni- will continue to show you how to be a dog, to enjoy the awesome comforts of soft bedding, plus how to play with toys.
You keep asking for attention and loving BHRR’s Titan! That you feel more confident in doing so without fear of being hurt and rejected is wonderful. 
The home lives close to Alta Vista Emerge, bringing me a lot of peace should he need further emergency care.
It is amazing how fast we fall in love…..Mr. Titan, I shall miss you yet; we can now assist a dog from a cruelty case. We have been advising as a resource up to this point.