L. Benson, Pembroke, ON

I have to tell you that I was very upset to read Albert's blog on Monday, as I was sure you must have been 10 times more devasted to write it. I knew one day, I would
see something like this, but just wasn't prepared. Al and I both agreed that it is funny that we haven't even met this wonderful 'Old Man', but have been so taken by him and his story. We also know that if he were one of our dogs, we would do the same thing. It's really quite sad and the dogs absolutely hate to be that way.
You have given Albert the very best time of his life. I wish he could have known his whole life this way. What ever I can help with, I would be glad to try to assist. I do know that he loves you in his own way. You are the Mom he has waited for his whole life, just like all these other poor souls. 
In the meantime, please give Albert a big hug from us.
Best wishes