Look who is all super spiffy now! Mr. Simon!

His amazing groomer, Morgan – from K9 Bark ‘N Shine messaged me to say that she donated her time today to groom him so no cost to us/BHRR.

Morgan has groomed several of our dogs to date including Miss Olive, my own IS and she will also be doing Mr. Lewis.

This is incredibly generous and kind of Morgan! Thank you!

She took her time, was patient – gave him breaks, was kind and loving as Mr. Simon is understandably nervous. He bonds fast, is unbelievably sweet, and while it is hard to tell – he remains sadly so skinny underneathe his hair. She even did his nails.

We are working on his weight gain plus the building up of his muscle mass, tone along with his confidence.

Per Morgan, his coat was quite dry and he has urine burns on the pads of his feet plus urine/feces stains all over his tail. Continued correct diet along with proper groom care will take care of that!