RIP my dear sweet BHRR's Albert ( ? – April 11th, 2011). My heart is so heavy with pain and heart ache. You have given me almost 15 months of the most precious gifts possible and I am indebted. There are no words to tell the world just how much you have meant to us…… 🙁 🙁

Who is going to trot down the laneway with me now to get the mail and the kids off the bus? Who is going to 'trip' me each morning in their excitement in seeing me and having the front door open to begin the AM exploration? Who is going to skip and bounce outside the front gate when I come home from work? Who is going to 'scold' me if I am even seconds late giving you supper? Who is going to give me my ever so gentle 'Albert' hugs every AM and night? Who is going to be there by my side as I type on the computer to 3:30 AM trying to save all 'Alberts' of the world that I can? Who is going to steal my shoe or sock or sweater and hoard them in their 'safe' spot crate? Who is going to sneak up on me while I am folding laundry to grab something of mine and run to their crate and wag their tail at me as I race after them AND who is going to do it all over again and again as I continue to fold laundry? Who….WHO…WHO… 🙁 🙁

Today, was one of the longest days I have ever worked knowing that we would have to say our good-byes and my heart is screaming over the unfairness of such a great boy being lost to the world. I miss you so much already my dear sweet 'Ol Alberts' and today is a day that I HATE my job… is just not fair… heart is bleeding….I cannot believe you are gone and I can no longer hug and touch and kiss you.

You have given me so much these past 15 months and I can only hope that in turn, I gave you the quality of life and experiences you were so deserving of. I wish I could have fixed everything for you Albert. I am sorry that I could not.

Thank you for the gift of 'trust' you have bestowed upon me. Something so special and precious that I treated it like one of my most cherished valuables. I know how hard it was to trust again and I am beyond humbled by your show of faith in me.

One of my favourite memories of you shall forever be the one I captured on March 4th, 2011 of you running with the sheer love and joy of living! That is how I am going to remember you Albert. That is how I am going to honour your memory in my heart.

BHRR's Albert – April 11th, 2011 – His last day with us at BHRR – THANK you for being there for/with me these past 15 months