*Flower* UPDATE

This is Video #1. There shall be TWO Video’s posted of Miss Flower.

This video is to demonstrate why we were at the really amazing VCA Canada Alta Vista Animal Emergency Hospital yesterday.

I took this video(her lovely foster Mama Emily is holding/rocking her – Miss Flower has already scented off her). Emily and Randy are her wonderful foster parents.

This is her crying and as mentioned in our first URGENT EMERGENCY Post; she cries like this when she is awake, all the time and also continually goes to her right. That is what brought all of us straight to the Emergency Room yesterday.

She is a 7 week old Maremma puppy and two special needs rescues – Poet’s Vision plus BHRR have come together to step up and work together as a team to assist her.

AND THANK you from our hearts to her temp foster parents, to the truly wonderful Dr. Jones and to the equally wonderful tech Kristina at Alta Vista AND to each of YOU, her beautiful supporters of both Poet’s Vision plus BHRR that have come together to surround this girl with love and kindness with your caring words plus life saving donations in her big time of need! 

Both BHRR and Poet’s Vision Aussie Rescue are in a huge financial strain right now and by working together, we work to give Miss Flower the absolute best of both groups.

We were informed by the Breeder that this puppy was blind and it quickly became apparent that there is a lot more going on than just blindness. The Breeder was planning on killing her should she not be taken in by Rescue. We did not even know if she could hear and both Tanya plus I greatly suspected that something neurological was playing a big factor.

Her Vet at Alta Vista concurs – per their notes – 
‘Presenting Concern – Neurological
Diagnosis- open – infection, congenital brain disease, hydrocephalus’

A plan was put into place and we will post our second video to demonstrate in more detail what that plan is and how the implementation of it is going……

Donations to her care can be made via PayPal to gwen@birchhaven.org or via email transfer to contactbhrr@gmail.com AND I also know that Tanya is posting on her Rescue page – Poet’s Vision Aussie Rescue.

AND to assure all that our focus in our respective organisations is always about quality over quantity and all decisions being made are informed ones.