BHRR’s Connery

He is the Emaciated, HBC Great Dane.

We want to thank his truly amazing emerge temp foster home immensely for all that they have done for him since he went to their home on February 4th. You have done so much for him and we will forever be so grateful. 

We also wish to impart that he is coming back to us tomorrow night and we shall continue to work on his rehabilitation journey here.

While he was to stay with them for 2 months, due to an unfortunate incident that occurred in the home, he is coming back to us early.

BHRR believes in full disclosure and has always worked to post the good, the great, the bad, the ugly and all that is the reality of a situation.

Let me also preface the following by saying that we will be taking a zero tolerance approach to anyone that may wish to blame BHRR’s Connery or blame the home for what transpired four days after they opened up their hearts plus home to him.

This is an emaciated, neglected, abused, untrained, adolescent giant breed dog that if he had wanted to, could have caused significant damage. He was only four days into his newest pain management protocol also. This is a giant breed dog with a giant breed mouth.

He is not a bad dog and the home is most certainly not a bad home. Both are amazing and wonderful and we are standing strong by all.

He was warning in the only way that he knew how to communicate in being in pain and startled. He growled and snapped and he made a connection and made several punctures, breaking skin. At the end of the day, this is an animal, a giant breed one at that.

The fostermom did not require sutures yet she did go on antibiotics as a precaution, as the one puncture was near a joint on her ring finger.

His home quarantine period is now up and no one feels more horrible than his wonderful temp foster and this is not an inexperienced home – they had even adopted from BHRR in the past.

We have worked to support all 24/7 in whatever was needed during this difficult time.

BHRR’s Connery will not be placed up for adoption once his rehabilitation journey has been completed. He will remain safe and loved in our Haven Program for what we sincerely hope is a very long, quality filled life.

This Danes past was horrendous, where he came from was horrendous and we shall continue to work on making his future one of him reaching his full potential.

He has touched many lives from across the USA and Canada as quite a few came together to help him. He was an extremely popular transport companion.

Even his Vet team has found him to be friendly and I look forward to seeing him again tomorrow night.

Drive safe wishes being sent to all…….