My last post of my night – going to spend time with this handsome brindle boy – BHRR’s Singe – for the rest of the night.

He is scheduled to see the Vet on Friday.

We need to do a thorough investigation on his hind end – hips & knees, do bloodwork, check his teeth, exam two growths – one on his penis and one behind a front leg – plus a raw area on his rump, do bloodwork, check heart/lungs/eyes run a fecal and when he is healthy, vaccines, de-worm and put him on proper hw/flea/tick preventative etc.

He is quite skinny. A good 20+ pounds more needed on him plus he needs to develop muscle mass/tone.

He is a super sweet boy who likes to sit on my lap and gently paw me for more love when I stop. 

He also loves looking out of the windows and with a house built for passive solar heating, our whole front of our house is wall to wall windows for him to enjoy.

He is currently hanging out with me by my computer on a Costco dog bed donated to BHRR with such genuine kindness from BHRR’s Cagney’s Mama/her friend’s. 

From our home to all of our friends, family and supporters, good night wishes being sent!

Welcome to BHRR BHRR’s Singe.