Today was a good day for BHRR's Albert. It was the first day in over a week that he did not have an accident. One day at a time…..quality, quality and more quality shall remain our number one focus and priority in our commitment to BHRR"s Albert.

For those that have asked what can they can possibly do to make BHRR's Albert's time as special as possible, be it weeks or days or if we are so blessed, months etc.; sadly, BHRR's Albert has not yet experienced so many of the delights that the world has to offer. Due to his terrible past; many things can completely overwhelm him and we have been taking things very slowly in the integration of the big world to him. However; we do know that he enjoys the following:

1) Soft blankets, lots and lots of soft blankets, duvets, comforters and sleeping bags that he likes to use his legs to rumple up into a big thick pile to lay upon and hide in
2) Vanilla Ice Cream – especially the Nestle Drumsticks 😀 – this compliments of a 7 year old daughter!!!
3) Peanut Butter – NO nuts – he will now take it off a spoon from me!
4) His one Costco Dog bed that is his and his alone. He will only lay upon the one that was donated to him as a SS(Secret Santa) pressie for we do not allow it to be communal. We know that he will not lay upon beds that have many other smells on it from the other dogs. It makes him uncomfortable and not as secure.
5) Big Smoked Dino Bones or Smoked Knuckle Bones – He might not have the best teeth but he sure loves to try and chew on them
6) He loves treats and we have plenty of those on hand for him at this time

BHRR's Albert's pleasures are simple and he/I take a morning jaunt through the fenced in yard or to get the mail and he loves to trot. I wish he was not so camera shy for as soon as you take out the camera, he freezes like a deer in the headlights.

So, thank you in advance to those that are thinking of sending him a special 'care' package or making a monetary donation for us to purchase items for him and for keeping him in your thoughts, blessings and well wishes. My heart is going to break into a million shards when it is time to hold him in my arms and kiss that sweet face of his and watch the light in his eyes of the life he has finally begun to experience fade away…….

Albert's Angels: