AND we are finally home!

BHRR’s Mr. X is settling in quite well.

It was a rocky start at the shelter and as I figured out quite quickly in watching the video Maira sent, he is what I call a ‘mirror image’ Dane.

If someone is nervous, he is nervous.
If someone is calm and quietly assured, he is calm and quietly assured
If a dog reacts and barks or lunges, he reacts and backs and lunges

I watched the short video Maira sent to me when they went to pick him up at the shelter and in the run, he was just being an adolescent gooberhead.

Yet, as the Shelter staff was nervous of him, he became nervous. Once he was away from them, he settled beautifully. He was very treat motivated for Maira.

Dogs reacted to him, so he reacted back at the shelter yet now at my home, he is in his collosal crate settling in.

He was more scared of Maira’s Male travel buddy than her and by the time I met them in Cornwall, all were fast friends!  I asked him to be the one to load Mr. X up as Mr. X knew them some and I was now the stranger. Yet, there was some leash malfunctions and I ended up tethering him without issue…he had some little grumps and I just took my hands away, showed him I was a non threat and got back to the business of tethering him. Travelled wonderfully on the way home!

Understandably stranger danger in seeing Sean and Mason outside and not a peep from him when we were inside and they will spend time with him once daylight comes and he can decompress from his journey tonight.

Both Sean and I thought the same thing in only being around him a few moments – he reminds us of BHRR’s Rubble in quite a few ways. Looking forward to learning more about him and taking this rehab path with him!

His body condition is actually quite good….he lacks muscle mass and tone yet he is not thin or skinny or emaciated. A rarity for us at BHRR as we specialise heavily in dogs in such poor physical condition.

This BBBBB is behaviourally in big need of us….

He is a smaller Male Great Dane yet nicely in proportion! Really handsome.  I would say he is between 120-125 right now. Love his ears and head and those eyes! Yup…another ‘do not look too deep into the eyes kind of dog or you may be sunk!’ 

I am deeply indebted to Maira for helping to get him closer to me! 

We did not think we could help another Dane/Giant or Honourary Giant until 2018 yet with 7 Approved adoptions since October 1st, 1 Pending Adoption – Home-Visit on Sunday and sadly the loss of two of our 9 year old amazing Seniors, we felt we could help one more in need of us in 2017 and this boy needed a XMAS miracle. He is emotionally and behaviourally mixed/messed up, lacks proper human and dog social skills not to mention obedience. He really has zero idea that you are talking to him and trying to communicate with him….all that shall change!

Welcome to BHRR, Mr. X and thanks Maira for the pics as I could not get any! Way too dark and I was all by myself.

Mr. X still needs a name!

From our home to all of our friends, family & supporters, good night wishes being sent!