The Saint Lady – BHRR’s Lacey

Happy 1st Birthday BHRR’s Lacey Lace! 

So worth the 7 hour drive down and the almost 8.5 hour dive back to see another one of our BHRR doggies end up in a wonderful right match personality fit home meant for them! 

This was a hard one! Well, ok….they are all hard on me yet BHRR’s Lacey….as per so many blog posts, she is a HUGE gift….just like her sister! 

Incredible girls! What a privilege it has been to assist them and thank you to Tracey for helping Kinsley/I to do this home-visit. 

Tracey, it made me so happy that you could see BHRR’s Lacey again! Thank you again for picking up The Saint Ladies and emergency temp fostering them for us until we could get them transported. 

Thank you to Frank & Tanya for also temp fostering them and loving on them until they came back to me. 

I always say that it comes down to if you would not put one of your dogs into a home, do not consider putting one of mine…..

So, it is always so lovely to see our great dogs end up in good homes!

I am missing this sweet lady fiercely and I know that my Brogan will also…they were chase buddies…Lacey ran and Brogan chased and both were ecstatic! 

We thank this home very much for going through our extremely thorough adoption process to help us ensure that we are only approving the best homes meant for our dogs. Thank you for considering to adopt a rescue!

On a side note, BHRR’s Lacey is our 5th approved adoption in just under 2 weeks and our 6th home-visit in exactly 2 weeks now completed. 

AND so, after a brutal whirlwind of a drive to London last night and then back home not all that long ago, I amheading off to bed shortly as I am back to work for 7:30 AM tomorrow!

I have also taken some time to send more confirmation emails to the winners of our 10th Annual ‘JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS’ Auction and winners please do check your emails…we have only had one response back to date! 

I will finish the rest of tomorrow night after I am back from the Vet with one of my own dogs…

Thank you again Tracey for helping today and Kinsley. As mentioned to the home and to Tracey, come 2018, The BHRR BOD will be making some announcements re: our continued move forward vision for BHRR which includes reducing the vast adoption area’s we currently cover. 

While we will remain rescuing all over the world as needed, we will be limiting our adoption area’s covered. So, this is the last approved adoption we are doing in London. The home said that they feel very lucky that they got their app in before the change! We do too! 

From our home to all of our friends, family and adopters, the best of good night wishes being sent!