AND we are finally here!

In London, Ontario for the scheduled home-visit for BHRR’s Lacey’s possible Approved adoption. 

What a drive!

BHRR’s Lacey has settled into our room like a pro! Took the elevator without hesitation and after only her second time in, automatically now turns and lays down. We teach the dogs this when they go into the vehicles so their tails do not accidentally get caught in doors.

She is now munching on a smoked Butchery bone after having a bit of dinner / drink. We had a small walk shortly after we arrived and we will do so again just before bed.

Great car traveller and there are apparently four teams here this weekend for some sport event and she is soaking the attention up! 

We will update as we can!

On a side note: about half of the winners have now been contacted re: their auction winnings and once I am back from London, I shall finish the rest. Thanks for everyone’s continued patience and once you are confirmed as a winner, per the posted rules, payment is expected within 72 hours.