2 Hour Count Down Reminder!

Our 10th Annual “JUST IN TIME FOR XMAS” Online Auction ends tonight- Thursday November 30th @ 9 PM EST

We currently have 136 amazing items up for grabs! So many beautiful items thanks to our Auction Angels! 

All money raised goes to help The Bakers Dozen and their Puppymill Mama GD Gem!

It is going to cost many thousands to spay/neuter and to microchip all of these special creatures….not to mention the over $10,000 spent to date to care for all….

This is a photo of Puppymill Great Dane Mama Gem, mere hours before she began to whelp The Bakers Dozen….this is where she felt safe and nested and wanted to have her babies….on the double futon bed in our recreational room, I was sleeping on beside her since she arrived into our care.

She weighed 99 pounds heavily pregnant and after giving birth to 13 babies, she dropped down to barely 85 pounds and now weighs a wonderful 115 pounds!  Her physical wounds have healed, and scars or not she will always be a stunning BBBBB to us! My heart is just wrapped up so tightly in her soft paws…..tears will jump so easily to my eyes when I think of her….I love her that much! Emotionally, she was broken and she has a long way to go…..I am beside her every step she takes in her rehab journey.

She will never know another bad day, never be forced to breed, be hurt, beaten, starved and she shall never know another night or day in a place of hell with no light and surrounded by death and pain of hundreds upon hundreds of others That suffered like her.

Known only as D211 to the puppymillers, to us we named her BHRR’s Gem….To us she is so special. When she is emotionally ready, she will have her own professional photo shoot.

6 of the Bakers Dozen were altered this week with more to be done next week.

To see all of the items we have up for grabs so far AND to bid, please visit the below link!

IMPORTANT REMINDER: When bidding please bid per the rules with your full name and contact information AND NOTE the location for pick-up as not all items can be shipped or are available in our neck of the woods!