The Bakers Dozen – BHRR’s Sprocket (Great Dane/Irish Wolfhound)
*This litter has Been DNA Proven to be GD/IW*
7 weeks of age

Puppy #11 – Eleventh Born – September 13th, 2017 @ 3:03 AM
Brindle Female

Birth Weight: 410 g(0.90 pounds)
September 20th: 1 week: 1 pound, 15 oz
September 29th: 2 weeks: 2 pounds, 15 oz
November 7th: 7 weeks: 9.2 Kgs(20.24 pounds)

This girl is a big mix of ‘spice’ and ‘sugar’!

She can still be a bit a small princess here and there and had once demonstrated some resourcing over the ‘slurry’ when she was wee yet with lots of patience and positive reinforcement she has zero issues any longer. She shares everything now!

BHRR’s Everly & BHRR’s Juniper, two of her sisters are far stronger in personalities and temperament than she is. She has really settled down and is so even tempered now. She shall require a home that is patient, consistent and we only support positive reinforcement homes for we never want to see any of our dogs ruined. She is so easy to correct and quite eager to please.

She is also so brilliantly smart!

She is was once a rough player! AND has learned ‘gentle’ and is really a softie overall.

Her world used to be ALL about her! She is now realising that there is more to the world than just her! She has come so far. She now has patience and knows she will get her turn in everything and allows BHRR’s Everly & BHRR’s Juniper to ‘steal’ the lime-light yet we continue to show BHRR’s Sprocket she is equally important. She is so much more content and settled these days and really has mellowed and evened out beautifully.

She can also be super sweet, cuddly, precious and loving….she loves to be cuddled and snuggled for short periods and then being not only 50% Wolfie, yet 50% Dane, she loves it best to be near and touching her humans slightly.

If you are a home that has interpersonal space issues, she and Danes are not for you! AND this is a serious statement. She would not thrive in a home that does not accept that she wants to be near and often touching her humans – their feet, legs, knees, sides if you are laying down on the floor watching TV etc. She and Kinsley are quite close and a home with older children will be considered for BHRR’s Sprocket.

If you are a home that thinks it is ok for children to lay on or ride dogs, you need not bother applying. This is extremely unacceptable behaviour.

Once you have a Dane, you can never walk a straight line again! She also will not be a small girl – 110-120 pounds most likely. Nice and lean is what she should be.

She demonstrates amazing patience during feed time and has also learned that her time will come and again and again. She used to fall asleep due to the stress of having to wait yet now understands better that she is not going to be left out.

She no longer also falls asleep in the car due to stress like she once did. We have worked incredibly hard to make her feel comfortable traveling and while she will still take to escape stress by sleeping, she does it a lot less. This is also very much a Dane trait.

She is so pretty….sassy yet quiet calm if that makes sense.

Where once she was vocal, she is quiet and very rarely makes sounds now.

She has a mind all of her own and I love her for that!

She is much less on the high maintenance side than she once was… much less…to us she is an easy keeper now and the more matures and we work together, the more comfortable and confident she has become in herself and to her surroundings.

If you do not have time to commit to a dog, please do not consider applying. She deserves a home that will take her for walks, strolls, new places, visiting friends and family and we are not seeking a super busy home. One that is average/normal in social activity both in and out of their home. A home that will commit to her needs and ensure that she is part of the family.

We could only afford to do three DNA kits and we did a draw as to which three puppies would be done and the results came back supporting that all three pups done were Irish Wolfhound/Great Dane. This does not surprise me in knowing what the puppymiller was breeding.

Easy to do nails and to bathe plus clean ears!

Knows words such as her name, good and girl and sit and no plus treat and so many others!

She, like her litter-mates love their giant stuffies to and cuddle with. Much comfort has been given by these stuffies as their Puppymill Great Dane Mama Gem sadly rejected them shortly after birth.

She can go to a home either as an only dog or to a home that already has a right matched fit dog already in it. It is most essential that she have a strong dog social network. We have friends and so should she and it will help keep her well balanced & rounded. These puppies are very much a product of their genetics. If she is an only dog, she really would benefit from having a Giant stuffie.

She is beyond incredibly beautiful! Her face may be brindle marked – both Danes and Wolfies come in brindle – yet, it is very much like her Mama Gem. Those eyes….are a dead ringer and the shape of her face…..just melts my heart as Mama Gem means the world to me.

Before applying to adopt her, please read our adoption processes and policies on our

Photo is from her second professional photo shoot on October 22nd at almost 5.5 weeks of age. Her third professional photo shoot on was on November 5th!

She will be ready to go to her approved right match fit forever loving home by December 22nd, 2017. She and her siblings are scheduled to be altered between November 26th & December 8th. Her first vaccines were November 7th.

She also has this individual blog: 

Thank you to Melissa for the great professional photo’s and to Alex for naming her and to all who have snuggled and cuddled with her during her professional photo shoots/Vet visit!