The Bakers Dozen – BHRR’s Juniper

 7 weeks of age

Puppy #9 – Born Ninth – September 13th, 2017 @ 2:10 AM
Black Female #2

Birth Weight: 480g(1.05 pounds)
September 20th: 1 week: 1 pound, 2 oz
September 29th: 2 weeks: 2 pounds, 13 oz
November 7th: 7 weeks of age: 7.8 kgs(17.16 pounds)

This BBBB is not like most of her siblings. She has her own agenda and while not as much as she used to be…she used to be a bit of a loner….she sure has come a long way!

She is feisty, adventurous and quite the explorer these days!

Out of all of the puppies, she is the one that looks most like her stunning Puppymill Mama Great Dane Gem and also is so like her with her ‘KangaDane’ antics plus her vocalisation in greeting me in the AM or at feeding time. ??

She is more interactive with the other pups than she was when she was first born, playful and yet, she is clearly her own woman. This girl is smart! Not as brilliant as her sister BHRR’s Everly yet not far behind! She is a thinker and she also observes a lot…she watches things closely, sizes things up and then makes whatever ‘move’ she feels is best.

She is one of the first of the litter to discover the TV along with BHRR’s Poppy and can be found sitting along with the kids watching whatever show they are! ?

Quiet and calm and also mixed with feistiness plus sassiness, she no longer tends to let most others take the attention as she has had to learn that she is equally important and deserves love/time and attention too!

She so often comes to us on her own bidding and I love how her wee paw comes out to reach for me and I am so proud of her in learning that she is deserving too! She can now be downright insistent times to get her share of attention and good for her!

She is not a wallflower….she is just unique….she is a thinker….totally loving, gentle and sweet and does not seem to ‘get’ what all the fuss is about from some of the more ‘in your face pups’! She is patience personified!

AND, I love the wee white tip on her tail! 

We are doing DNA testing on three of her siblings, BHRR’s Everly, BHRR’s Carlsberg & BHRR’s Oliver. We could only afford three DNA kits, did a draw and we are looking forward to the results. I suspect from being told what this puppymiller was breeding that she is is a Dane/Irish Wolfhound. We shall see!

We will approve a home for her that is not always on the go. She needs a consistent, stable home that while active is not extremely busy and will understand that she really needs a ‘job’. She is so super smart that it would be a shame to see that wasted.

She can go to a home that does have children over the age of 8 yet no more than two children in the home, if the home does have kids.

Easy to do nails and to bathe plus clean ears!

Travels wonderfully in a car and at 7 weeks of age, knows words such as her name, good, sit and girl and so many others!

She, like her litter-mates love their giant stuffies to and cuddle with. Much comfort has been given by these stuffies as their Puppymill Great Dane Mama Gem sadly rejected them shortly after birth.

She can go to a home either as an only dog or to a home that already has a right matched fit dog already in it. It is most essential that she has a strong dog social network. Our preference would be to see her in a home with a right match personality fit dog in it yet not a deal breaker. One that is balanced, one that shall compliment BHRR’s Juniper and one that shall continue to help BHRR’s Juniper be the best dog she can be for she just overflows with so much potential!

Before applying to adopt her, please read our adoption processes and policies on our

Photo is from her second professional photo shoot on October 22nd, at almost 5.5 weeks.

She will be ready to go to her approved right match fit forever loving home by December 22nd, 2017. She and her three sisters are scheduled to be spayed December 6th & December 8 (2 & 2 on those days). Her first vaccines are scheduled for November 7th.

She also has this individual blog:

Thank you to Melissa for the great professional photo’s and to Holly for naming her!