The Bakers Dozen
October 22nd., 2017
*5.5 weeks of age

Their second professional photo shoot!

I captured this candid with my iPhone! A bit blurry I know. 

Adore them with all that I am…..what a journey we have all taken together…..I am so beyond proud of them! So beyond proud…not a day goes by that I do not think of their lost to FPS Siblings and they will forever be known as the Miraculous Bakers Dozen! 

It was a glorious fall AM with amazing BHRR Approved Volunteers, Friends, Family and so much fun!

All have names other than the first one born – the wee black beauty who is not far off from some of her siblings now and the last born – the Brindle Boy. 

We hope that the winners of their Name Game Bid Auction have names for them soon!