BHRR’s Gus – ~18 month old Neo

BHRR’s Gus is ready to make his own special announcement! He is ready for adoption!

He can go to a home that works full time, part-time, works from home, is semi-retired etc. Another versatile BHRR dog.

He can go to a home that already has a right matched personality fit dog in it or as an only dog yet what he must have is a strong dog social network for he loves his friends! Doggie friends with help also with his emotional, mental and not just his physical stimulation.

He is an amazing boy! This stunning blue bomber boy needs a home with a sense of humour and lots of patience for he will make you laugh every day with his antics yet also needs consistency with his obedience. Plenty of fun to be had and needed during his training sessions and he is eager to please….himself first to try and get what he wants, then others next.  However, he has become much more balanced in that regard. ? He is a real huge ham and a character and needs a home that shall take the time to continue to build upon the strong foundation we have given him with his manners.

He can still be a freight train on the leash and a home that is going to use proper positive balanced training with an accredited facility is required per our mandatory obedience clause. He does not have a mean or bad bone in his body and we will not see a home approved for him that will become frustrated. No dog ever deserves to have someone that will not be dedicated to their wellbeing and remain patient and consistent and committed.

He sits, stays, lays down and is wonderful with all of his commands but he becomes distracted easily at times. He has learned a lot re: focus and self-control yet he is very much a young boy still and has had so much to learn and is still learning.

To him the world is full of so many wonderful discoveries…he is like a child at Xmas or a kid in a candy store…so curious….he makes me smile so much with the absolute pleasure he takes out of so many things! 

He is not ever to be man-handled. This was done in his past and that is not how any dog is ever to be handled. He was confused when he arrived, not knowing what he should or should not be doing and all he needed was someone to communicate with him in clear openly positive plus supportive ways. How unfortunate that someone would ever wish to hurt any dog out there…..

He is so proud of himself in listening once he understood what was/is being asked of him. He is a total teddy bear mushball boy.

He still can get mouthy yet not to be mean and he rarely does that now, yet, he can still forget himself and mouth to get attention…not hard but it happens. Lots of drool can be involved!

He is great with other dogs and people and is so excited to go places. He is a lot better about relaxing and chilling in the car. He is always just so thrilled to go places and experience things!

He is so loveable and people will want him because he is so handsome, yet he will only be approved to be adopted to a home that will do right by him with his obedience and give him structure, consistency, time and has loads of patience. Not to mention, giving him oodles of love!

To me, he is awesome….to many others, he would be way too much of a dog and that is fine. He is not meant for everyone.

He is a boy that you will know when he walks/lumbers into a room! A presence plus heart as big as the world! He greets every day with the biggest joy and happiness.

His is mischievous and so honest about what he wants and has become so much better in being patient.

He drools and boy, does he snore! 

He did have SA upon arrival and he has learned that his own company is ok. A calming word and/or touch and then passively ignoring any inappropriate displays of behaviour is important. In the wrong hands, this behaviour would resort right back to where he started from or worse.

He requires a large/giant breed dog experienced home. One that is not necessarily a Neo experienced home.

It is unknown how he is with cats.

He is fine to wash and to do nails. He is not a jumper.

He is cratetrained and has not yet proven himself 100% reliable unsupervised.

He is quiet and the only sounds he tends to make are when it is food time!

This boy is fabu!! Absolutely fantastic…..

Proud of all that you have accomplished BHRR’s Gus and you are going to make that right matched forever loving home the most incredible of family member additions. 

Thanks Liz again for the gorgeous photo’s! He is extremely photogenic!