BHRR’s Sambuca says ‘Come closer…..he has something to say!’
*Yes, he has dried canned food on his face.

He wants to thank Marg and her lovely staff at Pet Valu Hazeldean for their hospitality and gracious hosting of us every May & November! This was our last community education/public awareness event until November.

BHRR’s Sambuca wants to thank all of our visitors that came out for dog washes and their understanding for the dog wash stations were closed, in need of repairs. Thank you to those that so sweetly plus generously made a donation anyway!

Thank you to Gracie, Margaret, Kinsley & Sean for being on hand today to help out! Gracie, you made a great masseuse for BHRR’s Sambuca and throughout the day, while he still watched for me when I had to leave for nails and/or ears, he became more content to lay with you.  Always great plus important to get the dogs into the hands of others as we go through their rehab journeys!

Thank you to all the visitors that came out to see us….well, mostly to see BHRR’s Sambuca!  He brought smiles to the faces of many and also his share of tears to others as they wanted to meet the dog that pulled so many together, so fast and with such strength in the belief that he deserved to have the best quality filled life as any other dog out there, despite being 10 years of age.  Age is but a number and he made people believe in him in his own special way!! He is so gentle and precious.

We feel incredibly blessed to have the village we do and $269.05 was raised today!

That money shall be used towards the two medical Danes arriving tomorrow:

1) Approximately 9 year old female Merle Mantle with a C-Section Infection
2) Approximately 3/4 year old male Blue with a back right hip issue
* Both were believed to be surrendered from the same home

Once I know more re: them, I shall post.

Thank you so much to all for making today so lovely and from our home to our friends, family & supporters Good Night!

Plus Go Sens Go!