AND after a long day Sean is now home with BHRR’s Sambuca!

He was out of surgery around noon yet his Vet wished to keep him longer for like his surgery on April 13th for his huge mass/neuter, he took a long time to recover.

I am not one for exaggerating and when I said his mouth was bad, it really was atrocious ….adult dogs have 42 teeth…..BHRR’s Sambuca had to have 22 removed!

Just over 50% of his teeth had to come out. To me, to have a dog left in such pain with all of that pus and infection for as long as he had prior to coming into rescue, is truly awful.

My heart breaks for how much agony he was living in for so long.

22 horrible teeth had to be removed, not all of the holes could be stitched and just as with his mass removal, he bled profusely. His remaining teeth were then cleaned up.

This poor dog to have lived this way……

Yet, I keep looking forward. He is now home, and each day going forward will be better and better.

Sean has a copy of his bill and we owe a remainder of $209.80 more on his bills at Liston Animal Hospital.

AND we still owe $697.39 at Kanata Animal Hospital from his urgent/emergency mass removal plus neuter.

Donations can be made direct to either Liston Animal Hospital 613-591-0966

OR Kanata Animal Hospital 613-836-2848

OR via email transfer to

OR via PayPal to

AND we need many many many cans of high quality wet food for him too!

This photo is of him all tucked in…..yup on a couch and the Gwennie ‘no couch’ rule is being overlooked for now….after having a small drink of water.

As soon as he saw me when Sean arrived home….I was out the door in a flash and BHRR’s Sambuca was out of the truck, all wobbly bobbly but pulling Sean and making it clear he was coming with me.

Simone, your handmade special made with love blanket has him all nice plus cozy! ?There is so much heart and healing power in your blanket….from Sean’s rare Cancer surgery for his retro peritoneal liposarcoma to my acute pancreatitis and then resulting surgery to helping Brazilian Dane Baby Jackson through his eye enucleation and now dear sweet 10 year old Sambuca.

Love this dog… everything about him and as happy/healthy as he was becoming here, he is going to be even more happier now and healthier plus stronger and may he have years experiencing the true joys plus pleasures that life holds!

A diagram of the teeth BHRR’s Sambuca had removed.

From our home to all of our friends and family plus supporters THANK You….good night, sleep well and GO Sens Go!