AND I now have the newest addition to BHRR, the ~7 year old male Merle Dane.

Thank you to Danya – for rushing to the pound to safely get him out of the run and Daniele – for driving him all the way to KAH as I was working – to get him to me. This would have been his last day if it were not for you both today. I am forever grateful and indebted.

This boy still needs a name and he is almost a mirror image to BHRR’s Black Diamond in terror, lack of socialisation plus handling. This boy is also pretty close to being emaciated and I would say it is a fair statement to say he is. All hips, ribs and spine really showing. I was not able to capture in pictures truly how painful he looks.

I was told that he had also not eaten in three days…..

Nails, bath, exams, vaccines, blood-work etc., shall all have to wait for he needs to settle in first. He did provide me with a fecal sample out of fear – he also did that at the gas pound – and so we are sending it to the lab to test.

This is a photo of him & I are our way home. Not a great photo as he is so scared.

I am in urgent need of high quality canned dog food. For him and BHRR’s Sambuca. If anyone may consider assisting us in filling this need, please do let me know.

Thank you in advance for any consideration.

This boy is seriously emotionally broken….yet, as with BHRR’s Diamond, tomorrow is a new day. One step… day….at a time.

Welcome to BHRR you dear sweet boy…….This boy was dumped as the home has kids….he was skinny before he was even dumped….undersocialised and lacking training.

All that white hair and drool is from BHRR’s Sambuca! Car to be detailed again soon!