BHRR’s Baby Griffin is now home!

He did great! All of the rehab and training and patience has led us to this moment! All successful home-visits take anywhere from 2.5-3 hours and we just left!

Baby Griffie – your heart and personality are just huge, massive! You light up a room!

You are eager to please, obedient and so proud of yourself when you accomplish what you once thought was a big deal….

You are handsome beyond words, so loyal and affectionate!

You are extremely smart and while your trust is hard won, once earned is incredibly humbling. That really is a precious gift to be handled with care.

You are going to be dearly missed….you are a ham, BHRR’s Kaden taught you all about the ‘joy’ of de-stuffing Costco dog beds and you liked to keep us on our feet never knowing when that imp inside you took root and another bed bit the dust!

I adore you, I already miss you yet you chose them to be your forever loving adoptive family, letting them in slowly to your world and we are so happy……

Thank you to this lovely home in going through this process with us and opening up your heart and home to an ever so deserving dog…..

Thank you to Jan for helping out and to Sean too! Sean rarely does home-visits and it is always a treat when he comes.

Congratulations to all!