My last post of my night is short and ever so sweet…..well, Gwennie Novel Style short! 😉

When I came inside from doing poop patrol and other chores tonight, I looked over and BHRR’s Sambuca stood up(not a fast or easy feat with his current lack of muscle mass/tone and arthritis) and he looked right at me with those amazing eyes of his….

Soft, wistful, still a bit confused and nervous yet, he was looking at me with his head up…..he has been half mast with his head since he arrived yesterday….

Well, as I took a step towards him, his head went up higher and I began to hear the sound of a soft *thump*….another step and another soft *thump* and so the pattern went until I was right near him and guess what he was doing for the very first time?!!!?

He was very slowly, and not a full all heart in tail wag yet he was wagging his tail for me!!! Not a lot yet more than enough to make my heart flip and flop and yup….I looked deep into those stunning eyes and was ‘gone’….sunk.

While I loved him from the moment we were asked to help him, sight unseen, no idea what he looked like, no idea what his personality was like for none of it mattered, we are here to help the next in need of us, when I first saw him in the photo Alex & Karen sent my way after they picked him up….my heart began to patter and when I met him for the first time in Kingston my heart began to thud….his personality is incredibly precious.

At work today, while we poked and prodded and he was so brave and tolerant yet had to be in pain as he was examined and a plan formed on how best to proceed plus treat him, my heart began to pump harder….he was so amazing. Just a truly special boy.

In the car on the way home, my sunroof open(a must for me in any car!) and the sun streaming in and seeing him then stretch out on his side, sigh with contentment and put his four feet way up on my back seat, my heart began to race seeing his sheer joy of a simple pleasure he has not had in a heck of a long time, if ever?….being able to lay in the warmth of sun!

Yet, after the thumps of his tail and seeing him lift his head up, search me out and look at me, not around me or in my general area but at me….well, my heart thudded with so much more love and he has my number!! Gladly so! 😀 He is a charmer, with a mind of his own yet a true gent overall and uber dignified and I am so so so so happy we were asked to help him. I cannot wait to see all the layers that make him, him….I just feel there has to also be a monkey side in there somewhere…I really do!

I cannot take away his past yet with the help plus love of his Comfort Angels, I can promise him a much better today, an even better tomorrow and while no one knows how his urgent emergency surgery shall go on Thursday or what the histiopathology report will say, I can promise him that he will lack for nothing. I can promise that he shall only know kindness, love, as many sunbeams and car rides as he wants and that he will be given as many great experiences plus moments that the world has to offer….quality my dear man….tons and tons of quality living and loving is to be yours!

*Paypal did take $11.90 in fees*

Goodnight from BHRR’s Sambuca to all of you!!