This beautiful lady was at the Vet on Monday night for her latest recheck! BHRR’s Giselle!

Look at her gorgeous coat coming in!!

I think she loves to be touched and loved on now!! The more she has healed and the better she has felt, the more affectionate she is becoming! She is rocking her obedience and will now even walk on to the scale and sit pretty! Her Vet is impressed with her almost ladylike manners now….a far cry from the wild jungle beast that first arrived.

She is so passionate about expressing her affection and love of things now and I adore that about her! No china tea cups for this gal! She also remains so open and honest about when she has had enough and I respect her 100% for that. She has had so many exams and been poked, prodded and had to have meds since she arrived in September and she is a true warrior for taking it all as well as she has…..

When she first arrived, she was one raw hurting wound with sores and in major pain, urine burns and with serious eye/ear infections, sarcoptic mange, a bacterial skin infection, an UTI etc…..

She is still battling some skin/ear issues and when she goes in for that ovarian remnant surgery, my request to address her one eye with the entropion will be corrected. Her Vet agrees that it should be done…..we had wanted it done when she was there January 10th for her spay but the surgeon did not find it that bad. That eye clearly is bothering her again and is swollen again so we have the go ahead once again to make it better for her surgically!

She did fabu even with her nails too! You sure have come far BHRR’s Giselle!

We did KT ear treatments on both ears and we will keep up with the malacetic wipes on her feet. Her back feet are worse than her front but significant improvement over her last recheck.

Still yeasty yet she has come a long way! A really long way with her rehab journey….both emotionally and in training plus medical wise.

This once ‘hot mess’ girl is now more of a ‘warm mess’….we are very slowly getting her back to health!

We have been scaling back her food for she is chunky monkey…..she loves to eat now and will eat her food and then want to eat The Lion Kings food too! She currently eats all by herself.